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ONE solution for every need

We work with different solutions that try to combine efficiently, the need for flexibility of customers with our needs of planning.

For ongoing services:

Whatever services you need (cleaning, gardening, ....) you can choose between a fixed fee to be paid in advance (guarantee of no extra costs) or the traditional one on demand (at the end of the month we will send you the details of the hours and the invoice). 

For specific projects:

In the case of projects (examples: roof maintenance, boiler replacement, installation of photovoltaic panels, masonry work, special pruning...) the estimate will be made together with the craftsmen. We guarantee maximum transparency and the best offer from our partner and we do not hide the coordination and communication costs that certain projects normally require.


All prices are VAT included for private individuals while they will be invoiced + VAT for companies. 

Yearly subscription

Do you want someone to take care of your home and forget about it? The fixed package is perfect for you! It costs you less because it allows us to plan in advance  and guarantees you total control.


We take care of your plants weekly, check and ventilate the house. Euro 30 per month - Euro 360 per year


Consumption package

Know what you want but don't know how often?  Do you want flexibility and at the same time cost and rate control?Then we offer you a customized package according to your requests and this will be billed every time you call us. 


For a 50 m2 apartment, ordinary cleaning, changing beds, washing floors and dusting. Euro 60


On demand

Don't want any commitment? then these are our unit rates. Discounts are possible on volumes of hours (after the 50th hour).


Ordinary cleaning: Euro 18

Guests check-in and check-out: Euros 25+25

Project coordination: Euro 18

The invoice is issued at the end of the month with details of the hours spent.



No more scheduling houseworks during your vacation. We'll take care of it,  we'll send you photos and supervise, as if it were our home!


The estimate of these projects, which we carry out with our partners, will distinguish in a very transparent way the various costs of the craftsmen (which will be invoiced by each of them independently) and the cost of coordination, surveillance and communication (which will be invoiced by DieFFe Servizi) .

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